Hi there! I'm Nikki.

A video journalist turned UX designer passionate about leveraging my storytelling background to create impactful experiences. Currently, I'm pursuing a Master's in Digital Media at Georgia Tech.

Check out some of my work below or learn more about my experiences by reading my resume.

Selected Work


Product Design Internship

Skill-based online language courses from world-renowned language schools.


UX Design | UX Research

Mentorship application to connect Georgia Tech student mentors with one another.


UX Design | UX Research

Mobile app to help students discover and join clubs, events and interact with people with similar interests.


Visual Design | Programming

Generative educational game about the impacts of ocean pollution on sea turtles.

iDesign for IDSA

Service Design

Guide to planning and executing inclusive and diverse events for The Design Foundation at IDSA.

Library of Alexandria

Virtual Reality

VR game based in the Library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt.

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