Hi there! I'm Nikki.

Video journalist turned product designer passionate about leveraging my storytelling background to create impactful experiences. Currently, I'm pursuing a Master's in Digital Media at Georgia Tech.

Check out some of my work below or learn more about my experiences by reading my resume.


Selected Work


Product Design Internship

Skill-based online language courses from world-renowned language schools.


UX Design | UX Research

Mentorship application to connect Georgia Tech student mentors with one another.

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Sea Turtle Adventure

Visual Design | Programming | Physical Prototyping

Generative educational game about the impacts of ocean pollution on sea turtles.

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UX Design | UX Research

Mobile app to help students discover clubs, events and meet people with similar interests remotely.


Master's Thesis | Virtual Reality

Exploring the effectiveness of virtual reality on learning beginner-level Spanish.

iDesign for IDSA

Service Design

Planning and execution guide for Diverse and Inclusive events for The Design Foundation at IDSA.

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